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Courses Offered at IIC Indore

programing with C & C++

C & C++ Programming – For Beginners To Advance Basics, Logic Building, Loops, Data Structures, Algorithms And Competitive Programing. 

Programing with PHP

PHP is a server side scripting language that is embedded in HTML It is used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, even build entire e-commerce sites.

Online world-amico
Web-Designing HTML, CSS & JS

CSS is used to apply the style in the web page which is made up of HTML elements. It describes the look of the webpage.

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Interactive Learning

One to One learning. Best curriculum keeps up with a changing world.

Industrial Training

Hands on training and development of projects grooms him into a real pro. 

Project Training

We provide a helping hand to develop all your college or individual projects .

Best Study Material

Study material covering each and every aspect of programing language with questions and examples.

Our Teaching Services

We are Creative in Teaching & development

One To One Lactures And Individual Attention

IIC encourages professional and technical development by providing opportunities that require each of us to study, think, and innovate.

Industrial Training And Project Devlopment

IIC plays a significant role in directing and deploying technology and know-how for the greater good of its students.

Technology & Customized Solutions For Your Buissness

We provide software & IT Solutions

We are result-driven information technology consulting firm specialized in helping companies with our wide range of competencies in new-age technologies and business frameworks

Business Collaboration

We listen to your ideas carefully,and execute them through provision of our customized web solutions. Always coming up with unique ways to enter the market is our core strategy!

Engineering & Services

Brand Making your identity stand out is our mission. With the most mind blowing marketing hacks, we make sure your brand wins all the hearts in the market.

Expert Developers

We have experienced developers who develop attractive, responsive and user friendly websites that helps your business to grow.

Affordable Price And Growth

We deliver web solutions at affordable rates you can hire our experienced developers on part-full time, monthly, hourly basis according to your convenience.

We Stand Out Form The Crowd

Perfect Technology solution for all medium & Small business

 IIC offering innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences, enabling Enterprises, Associates, and Society to rise.

ERP & CRM Devlopment


Customised Software Devlopment


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